Meet Hussain’s World: “I Am Not Disable.. I Am Differently Able”

Source: Saniya Nathani

Meet Hussain’s World: “I Am Not Disable.. I Am Differently Able"It’s not surprising if any individual ever gave a thought “I’d rather be dead than disabled?” It’s not an unusual expression. Disability is commonly related to failure, with dependency and with not being able to do things. People feel sorry for disabled individuals because generally society considers this miserable to be disable and people just thank God and move on. But in fact we’re wrong. Surveys reveal that people with disabilities constantly have a better quality of life, or sometimes even much better than that of a normal individual’s.

It is true that in general, disabled people usually have fewer choices than able-bodied people. Most societies still have limited ease of understanding. Even in a barrier-free world, the disabled person is more likely to rely on motorized devices that at times break down, rendering the individual excluded or dependent. In a society like Pakistan, disable people are actually sympathized rather than encouraged. But it’s really amazing to see some of those disable people have that courage, passion, and enthusiasm to prove that disability is not an obstacle for them to live. Hussain Amir Ali is undoubtedly one of them.

Hussain, unaware of his age, claims to be approximately 35 years old. He was a bit different from others since his childhood but always willing to learn something new from the start.

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