Amir Karim receives 2016 Canadian Plastics Leader of the Year Award

CPIA announces 2016 Plastics Industry Leadership Award winners

Amir Karim, chief operating officer of Quebec-based Polykar Industries, is the 2016 Leader of the Year.

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has named Amir Karim as its 2016 Leader of the Year Award recipient. Karim, 48, is the chief operating officer of Polykar Industries, a manufacturer of PE film garbage bags and industrial and food packaging headquartered in Saint-Laurent, Que.

“Karim has led the corporate strategic development and sustainability arm of Polykar Industries for the last sixteen years,” CPIA said. “He passionately champions the plastics industry, driving initiatives to increase awareness of positive plastic messages for the general public. He is an advocate of environmental sustainability in plastics recycling, and recently completed a two-year term of office as chairman of the CPIA.” Outside of plastics, CPIA continued, Karim “gives a large portion of his time to voluntarily engage with several civil society institutions which promote higher education, international development, and philanthropy.”


Amir Karim receives 2016 Canadian Plastics Leader of the Year AwardFrom aerospace engineering to high finance to plastics packaging is quite the career arc. But when Amir Karim returned to Quebec and joined family-owned Polykar Industries after a successful stint on Wall Street, he didn’t know his best business days were still to come; or that his career trajectory would propel him into the ranks of the elite, as the Canadian Plastics Industry Association’s 2016 Leader of the Year.


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