KITE 2017: 30 countries to participate at the International Kite Festival at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad, India

A week-long international kite festival – 2017 will be held here to coincide with Sankranthi next month.

The festival, which commenced last year, will be hosted by Aga Khan Academy from January 13 to 15 and by the government and private schools here over the next four days.

The kite flying will be held under lights on the Tank Bund on the night of January 12, Tourism Minister A. Chandulal told a media conference on Friday.

He said that about 30 countries will be represented at the festival, of which 16 countries had confirmed participation.

KITE 2016 - The First Telangana International Kite Festival underway at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad

Tourism Department secretary B Venkatesham said that the government was conducting Kite Festival to bring the international identity to the Hyderabad city since last year.

He said that the International Kite Festival was going on in Ahmadabad for the last 25 years and Hyderabad stood on par with the Ahmadabad by conducting International Kite Festival here.

During the Kite Festival, the government would set up Food Bazar, Night Bazar, Kite King Workshop, Kite Exhibition and cultural programs at Agha Khan Academy, he said. He said that the theme of the festival is to participate all in the festival and the aim of the festival is ‘Rang De Asman’. He said that the government was taking up measures to see that one lakh people would participate in the festival by 2020.

He urged the Hyderabadis to participate in the festival in a big way and make it grand success.



Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali

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