Rasheed Hooda: Route 66 traveler hopes to inspire others

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Rasheed Hooda: Route 66 traveler hopes to inspire othersPontiac, Ill. One of the latest walkers of Route 66, Rasheed Hooda, stopped in Pontiac on Thursday on his way walking to Los Angeles. Over the past five years, Hooda has been taking photos and writing social media blogs about the places he’s traveled and the people he has met along the way.

Hooda started his trip down Route 66, in Chicago, on July 15. Although he has no specific end date, he anticipates the trip will take him about eight to 10 months. Hooda doesn’t live in Chicago, but he made a lot of trips up and down Route 66 with his brother over the years.

“Lots of good memories from that and I wanted to do something,” Hooda said.

“It all started out when I was considering traveling up and down route 66 four times in a year, to capture the different seasons and how they change the landscape of Route 66. I’m still going to take pictures and tell stories, but I decided I’d just walk it instead.”
Hooda said he travels about 10 to 12 miles each day. Today, in particular, he said, was going to be one of his longer days as he would be walking 20 miles, instead of just 10.

Although he is just one man, Hooda said he has a number of people on Facebook and other social media websites keeping track of his daily progress.

“People have been generous, I have donations coming in and that always helps,” Hooda said.

“I also have some income of my own, so I’m not completely reliant on charity to fund my trip. I just figured if I inspired someone and they felt like giving to the cause, that’s great.”

More at the source: By Luke Smucker | Jul. 29, 2016 | Pontiac Daily Leader

I met so many special people along the way, just as it always seems that I do. Lauren Martz, who had to go all the way to Santa Rosa from Salisbury to meet me, was a pleasant surprise. Hilary Haselton, who jumped in and rode the last seven miles to my Route 66 finish, and Rasheed Hooda, walking all of Route 66 going west, must also be mentioned. Rasheed is doing his sixth day of six months on the road as you read this. Thank you to all the people that I spoke to or who helped me in some way!

Source: By David Freeze for Salisbury Post

Follow & Support Rasheed Hooda who is walking through famous Route66, on Patreon

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