Sarah Rahimi: Engaged Learning spotlights Dallas’ African immigrants

Southern Methodist University's Leading Ladies: Sarah Rahimi of Dallas, TexasAfrican immigrants come to Dallas for a multitude of reasons. Some come to escape political turmoil. Others come for better educational opportunities.

Mary Ondari, a native Kenyan, came to the United States at 19, almost eight years ago, to help one of her older sisters with her new baby. Since immigrating, she explained that her experience here has been a learning one.

“I’ve had, and I still am having, a lot of opportunity to learn just about myself, for awhile, and learn about other people and other cultures, and that’s been really, really important to me,” she said.

Sarah Rahimi, a third-year undergraduate with senior status, is working on an Engaged Learning project considering the stories of African immigrants like Ondari. Rahimi’s plan is to record the oral histories of 30 African immigrants in total, made up of ten immigrants from each of the black, white, and Indian races.

More at the source: The Daily Campus, article by Megan Sunderland

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