Ismaili Musicians Collaborate Across Borders

Samira R. Noorali, Zoheb Veljee and Saqib Asadullah present Elhahm, a devotional and mystical piece. The French/Farsi song wails, “Oh Ali, Ali ye mann.”

Photography By: Jesús G. Pastor

Samira (California), Zoheb (Karachi) and Saqib (Virginia) have been collaborating on diverse musical projects for several years and hope to inspire audiences with this emotional masterpiece.

(English Translation)

I was a lost soul
haunted by the spirit of a child.
I didn’t know anything of you…

Oh Ali, my Ali

I was a lost child.
I was afraid you wouldn’t come.
I searched for Your grace, and I knew…

Oh Ali, my Ali


One thought

  1. IsmailiMail Team: Thank you so much for posting this Media Release for us! May the energies come back million folds to ALL who come in contact with your content. We send our most heartfelt gratitude to ALL listeners worldwide for such overwhelming Love & Support! You all have touched us!
    …in Love & Melody,
    Z (on behalf of Samira, Saqib, Jesús and team)


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