Urbanebloc | Architectural Muse – Aga Khan Museum

Setting New Standards

When I first arrived at the Aga Khan Museum, the 10,000 square-metre white stone structure was all that I can see. If you run you hand across the surface, you’ll notice the immaculate polished finish. Designed by one of the world’s leading architects, Pritzker Prize winner Fumihiko Maki in collaboration with architecture modernist Charles Correa, the museum’s design is ambitious in showcasing the history and contemporary culture of the Islamic world.

Architectural Muse – Aga Khan Museum (image via Urbanebloc)

Impossibly thin layers of water make up the reflecting pools, complete with black-granite bottoms to give the illusion of walking on water when visitors pass.

Urban Green Space

Surrounding the two buildings are 10 acres of public gardens with flower beds of lavender and perfectly landscaped shrubs, a contemporary take on Persian Islamic gardens. The other building on the grounds is a crystalline blue dome structure that gives a gorgeous splash of colour to the area.

The Aga Khan, at 77, is one of the world’s most sophisticated patrons of architecture. The space in mid-town Toronto is both beautiful and inspires social diversity and dialogue – you’ve got to lay eyes on it yourself.

all photos courtesy of: RichTeaMedia

By KJ for Urbanebloc


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