Sufi Music and Culture Program featuring Dr. Karim Gillani and Ensemble

Sufi music album “Raah-e-Ishq” by Dr. Karim Gillani and Sufi music ensemble ranks as one of this year’s most notable releases on Canada’s global music horizon” Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

Sufi Music and Culture Program featuring Dr. Karim Gillani and EnsembleSufi represents the mystical dimension of Islam, a way to purify our souls, a path, that takes seekers to the divine. For Sufis, music is a feast for the soul because through music one is able to connect with the divine. Sufi music ensemble carries the sublime messages of love and peace from the Islamic traditional poetry combining with modern sounds and contemporary outlook. Everything about this ensemble is unique and meaningful, musician’s ethnic background range from South Asia, Central Asia and North America. This ensemble of talented accomplished musicians of the University of Alberta plays santur, tabla, flute, mandolin, tombak, harmonium and keyboards. Dr. Karim Gillani created this ensemble and successfully released two original albums in which mystical poetry of the great Sufi masters have been composed in a more contemporary style. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy listening to some of the very rich heritage of Sufi music from South Asia.

Farhad Khosravi: Santur
Stephen Tchir: Mendolin
Ojas Joshi: Tabla/Duff
Jessica Rogers: Flute
Kevin Johnson: Tombak/Dhurbuka
Altaz Ibrahim: Keyboards
Dr. Karim Gillani: Harmonium/Vocals


Details on the Ismaili Centre EventDetails on the Ottawa Jamatkhana Event.

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