Opinion: Archaeological Survey of India may lose the task of conservation of Taj Mahal

The Aga Khan Foundation (Trust for Culture) already handles the conservation of Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi and the Tomb of Quli Qutub Shah in Hyderabad. Taj Mahal could now become the third monument to be handed over to the Foundation

If the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) doesn’t improve the quality of conservation of Taj Mahal, the monument’s maintenance could be handed over to the Aga Khan Foundation.

A US University’s study report had already termed the ASI’s conservation techniques as outdated and insufficient for the protection of the monument. If Taj Mahal gets handed over to the Foundation, it will serve as the ministry’s stamp of approval on the ASI’s reported failure.

Aga Khan has already visited the Taj Mahal a couple of months back, when he was in India to receive the Padma Bhushan award and it is being indicated that the initial dialogue regarding the monument’s  takeover has been completed.

Talking to India Today, Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber Secretary Vishal Sharma said that it would not be a surprise if the Taj Mahal’s conservation is handed over to the Aga Khan Foundation as already there have been several corporate giants working on the monument in one capacity or the other, including the Tata Group of Companies which took over the monument’s conservation in 2001. However, while the Tata Group failed to deliver on their promise, the Aga Khan Foundation will certainly deliver since the Foundation has a worldwide experience in the conservation of historic monuments.

Via indiatoday.intoday.in – India Today

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One thought

  1. it is a wonderful idea, centuries old one of the 7 th wonder and symbol of love deserve a TLC and needs to be professionally institutionalize . Who could be better than Aga khan foundations? I hope and pray it will materialize


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