Synergy: Government of Canada, Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development & Aga Khan University Institute for Human Development

Our children carry in their hands our future and our hope for a pluralistic, peaceful, harmonious, life-enriching world; we better invest to build a strong foundation to support them, or there is no future to talk about.

–  Kofi Marfo, Director – Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University


Aga Khan University Institute for Human Development

Inaugural Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, February 2015

The Canadian Government and the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development (FMIHD) – University of Toronto have a strong partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation (AKFC) and we were excited to be part of the inauguration of the Aga Khan University Institute for Human Development (AKU-IHD).

The inaugural conference demonstrated an enormous international knowledge base, and the new Institute is greatly positioned to develop programs and interventions that are based on the latest human development evidence from around the world, but which respond specifically to needs and challenges that affect the populations in the resource-poor regions of the world.

The Aga Khan/FMIHD Partnership

The FMIHD and the Aga Khan Foundation is engaged in an extensive partnership. We are already working together on a joint collaborative undergraduate course – Social and Developmental Determinants of Human Health – which brings together students from Pakistan, Toronto and Africa in a virtual collaborative classroom. We have also worked together on the development of the Science of Early Child Development Curriculum – The International Edition, which has been developed specifically for the majority world in collaboration with Red River College in Alberta.

We are hoping to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Aga Khan University to cement our continued commitment to collaborating on research programs, publications, and opportunities for students.

We are looking forward to working together the Aga Khan University IHD on their vision to build capacity and drive innovation in research and higher education to produce and disseminate new knowledge of human development.


UofT FMIHD- AKU IHD - Canada

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