Silk Route Festival promises to revive tourism in Northern Pakistan – 39 countries invited to participate

Shigar Fort PalaceThe Gilgit Baltistan (GB) government has invited 39 countries to participate in the Silk Route Festival starting in September in the region.

So far 16 countries have confirmed their participation in the five-day event to start from September 10

The five-day event will start from September 10—an inaugural ceremony has been scheduled for Islamabad where foreign dignitaries will be briefed.

On the second day, programmes will be organised in Skardu to highlight local art, culture and heritage. Foreign dignitaries will be hosted in Shigar Fort, which has won several awards after it was renovated by the Aga Khan Cultural Support Programme.

Activities on day three will take place in Gilgit while the fourth and fifth days’ events will take place in Hunza and Nagar valleys respectively.

Via Reviving tourism: 39 countries invited to Silk Route Festival 

Learn more about Shigar Fort:


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