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2 thoughts

  1. for a small community like ours to have a museum is a matter of great pride and honour for the generations and generations to come.our children and grand children of tomorrow would learn and be really proud to belong to and born as ismailies as the arts,cultures and heritage of a civilization and more so of a community is timeless and of tremendous intrinsic and worldly values,i can proudly say that a new intectual era has downed on us and we are witnessing new chapters in our history,which has unhappy incidents and events that destroyed arts and part of our heritage in the past.


  2. We at the Canadian Institute for Mediterraean Studies at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto have been exploring the possibilities of holding an exhibit and scholarly conference on the Documents of the Cairo Genizah. Because of the ecumenical nature of such an undertaking and their importance, we were wondering if the Aga Khan Museum would be interested.

    Alex Gropper, President and CEO,
    Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies,
    c/o St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto


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