The Interactive Safar-nama of Nasir Khusraw at IIS

The passage of a millennium has not diminished Nasir Khusraw’s relevance nor dulled the lustre of his poetry. It continues to uplift and inspire, reminding us that we are the authors of our own destiny. As he has said, we can be like a poplar tree which chooses to remain barren, or we can let our path be lit by the candle of wisdom, for only ‘with intellect, we can seek out all the hows and whys. Without it, we are but trees without fruit’. – His Highness the Aga Khan

The Interactive Safar-nama of Nasir Khusraw at IIS

The Safar-nama is record of an expansive journey undertaken by a Persian poet and philosopher, Nasir Khusraw, in the mid-11th CE century. He travelled from Central Asia to the Mediterranean Coast, Egypt, Arabia and back and appears to have compiled his Safar-nama in the latter half of the same century.

Nasir Khusraw is esteemed as one of the great Persian poets and philosophers. The delight in his works has led centuries of Persian-speaking people and others to admire him for his literary capabilities. Amongst the Shi’a Ismaili Muslims, he is also revered as a prominent da‘i of the Fatimid era (r. 10th-11th CE century).


Learn even more about Institute of Ismaili Studies’ multimedia project based on the Safar-nama

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