Ta’wīl of the tragedy of Karbala

Ta’wīl of the tragedy of Karbala“We are the House of Muhammad and as such are more entitled to the authority (walāyah) of this affair over you than these pretenders who claim what does not belong to them… By God there is no son of a Prophet other than me among you and among the peoples from East to West.
– Imām al-Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī

“the colours of our family are, as you know, Red and Green.The reason being that we represent both the (offices of) Shāh [Imām] and Pīr. The Shāh was Ḥusayn and the Pīr was Ḥasan. Ḥasan had the Pīr’s colour of Green, but Ḥusayn’s martyrdom was so enormous in events and was so opposed to even the smallest laws of war that the colour of his Holy Blood, namely Red, was accepted with the Green of the Prophet’s flag as a souvenir and remembrance of that terrible day.”
– Imām Sulṭān Muḥammad Shāh Āgā Khān III

Read at the source: Mourning for Ma‘rifah: Imam Husayn at Karbala | Ismā‘īlī Gnosis.

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