Photo Journey: Taseer/Effect – An initiative for Ismaili Youth Empowerment

Photo Journey: Taseer/Effect - An initiative for Ismaili Youth Empowerment
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‘TASEER’ is an Urdu word which means… something, which leaves impact or the effect. When we see Pakistan, a state moving towards social, economic, political and cultural changes and challenges, the only beacon of hope that shatters the gloom and despair is the Pakistani Youth.

The Youth is full of energy, ideas, solutions, adventure, eagerness and passion as well. What is needed is just a step or little guidance!

“Behind every huge, fruitful tree is one small seed. Behind every beautiful garden are several small flowers. … Behind every drop of honey, is the hard work of every honey bee.

Behind every rainfall we enjoy is the sacrifice of every single drop of sea.”

Initially, the TASEER group started its affiliation with AKYSB – Sindh in year 2010, and was associated with for almost 3 years. Later on, it broadened its horizon and started co-association with AKREB – Sindh in year 2013. In the same year 2013, it again broadens the horizon and started another co-association with the AKEPB – Sindh, so that it can help the Imamat and the Jamati institutions to achieve their objectives while addressing the youth of Sindh Jamat.

The Vision of TASEER

TASEER seeks to develop youth of Sindh, especially rural areas, and help them excel in a range of life skills. It aims to help the youth to meet success in their social, professional lives and academics through workshops and sessions.

TASEER is surely a unique platform to that connects the youth of far flung areas to the developing parts of the regions. It aids the interaction of less privileged youth with learnt professionals from different fields, in order to open ahead of them, new vistas of opportunities and success.

“TASEER” youth conventions aimed to kindle the fire of courage and hope in the youth and boost their confidence through a thought exchange process by meeting learnt speakers and also through encouraging youth participation in various activities and discussions.

It is a famous French proverb that “Youth lives on hope, old age on remembrance.” And thus, how could this be impossible that Broadening Horizon Youth Convention 2010 (BHYC’10) does not stir up the positive energy in Youth.

The idea of “TASEER – The Effect…” took birth when a eager individual “Engr. Riaz Karimi” and his colleagues from Hyderabad took a promise to establish a platform that could uplift the less-privileged youth of interior Sindh, with their knowledge and experiences.

“TASEER – The Effect…” is a diverse group of passionate youth, from a variety of academic background that was formed in Sep-2010. It operates under Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Sindh and has conducted workshops and youth conventions in less accessible areas [All Local Councils] of Sindh while more workshops are under planning process. The mission of “TASEER – The Effect…” group is to organize youth conventions in Interior Areas of Sindh that could lead to the capacity building of youth. The primary focus of these workshops is to focus on areas such as, motivation, career guidance, life skills, confidence building, team work, prevention of drug abuse, health and access to modern developments in the field of knowledge.

With the pure intentions to change lives and hard work and dedication of its members the “TASEER – The Effect…” Team has also established successful relation with other NGO’s and Youth organizations. The Convention in Tando Turel was organized in partnership with Drug Free Foundation Pakistan (DFPF). Up to date “TASEER – The Effect…” has been successful in inviting some of the prominent speakers such as Shahib Karim Khan, Fareed Pirmani, Shams Hirani and Shahid Karim…

It was since the formation of “TASEER – The Effect…”, that the group has grown large and rich in its diversity. “TASEER – The Effect…” members take pride in mentioning that, more recently a participant in Taseer Youth Convention Tando Turel, has joined Taseer team as a team member.

Today still Taseer Team, with the memories of some former members and with the talent of new entrants is continuing to explore new possibilities that could uplift the youth in rural areas and implant in them the sheer motivation to overcome all barriers and rise to the apex of success.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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