Tragedy in Kenya – related links

800px-Nakumatt_WestgateWe are sharing all the related media links … Most of the images are graphic and disturbing, so please use caution if you click.

AP PHOTOS: Hundreds die in weekend attacks

BBC News Africa

Daily Nation: At least 39 dead, many injured in Westgate Mall shootings

Reports of Ismaili Muslim victims:

Nairobi Mall Crisis: Explosions, Heavy Gunfire As Standoff Enters 3rd Day

New York Times: Witness to a Massacre in a Nairobi Mall

Times Colonist: Sporadic gun battles at Kenya mall after extremist attack kills 59; militants hold hostages

BuzzFeed: Terrifying Images From A Terrorist Attack At A Mall In Kenya

Yahoo Photos 1Yahoo Photos 2Yahoo Photos 3 Photo

Youtube: Kenya attack inside the Nairobi shopping mall
YouTube: Westgate Attack: Tens of injured rushed to hospitals
YouTube: Italian
YouTube: Hundreds of Kenyans donate blood for Nairobi victims
YouTube: Catholic Bishops Condemn Westgate Attack
YouTube: Deputy President William Ruto visits Westgate attack victims
YouTube: Hospitals staff on high alert as security forces prepare to end westgate siege
YouTube: Kenya : Attaque terroriste


Orange Money, Fast Internet to Aid Westgate

Fox News: As first hours of carnage unfolded at Nairobi mall, tales of survival emerged

The Muslim hero of Westgate Mall horror

Kenya: Agency Spends Sh5.1 Million On Terror Attack Supplies

Kenya: behind the terror is rampant corruption

BBC: Nairobi Westgate attack: The victims

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