Sugra Visram, one of the first female MPs in Uganda is dead

Sugra Visram, one of the first female MPs in Uganda is dead - National - VALI JAMAL & ROBERT MWANJE – Kampala

Sugra Visram, one of the first woman MPs in the country has passed on. The wife of Haider Visram, a grandson of Allidina Visram, Sugra died on Monday. Sugra was one of the first female MPs co-opted into the Lukiiko by Kabaka Muteesa II and was elected to Parliament as Kabaka Yekka MP in 1962. She is remembered for having fought for the rights of women.

Early life: Sugra was born into an Ithnasheri family who later converted to Ismailism to facilitate her marriage to Haider Abdulrasool Allidina Visram. Sugra’s father, Mohamedali Jamal, had migrated from Pakistan to East Africa at the age of 12 and worked initially for Allidina, before setting out on his own in cotton and timber business.

Sugra’s mother, Kawkab Aha Mirza was of Iranian descent, born in Kampala, as was Sugra herself (at Nsambya Hospital, in 1923). She grew up in Kampala and completed her secondary education at the old Kampala Senior Secondary School. She mastered several languages and became fluent in Luganda, Kiswahili, English, Cutchi, Gujerati and Hindi.

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  1. Interesting information. I would like to know that given Obote fell out with Kabaka – What happened to her role as MP for Kebaka? IDI amin also carried out purges against Kebaka – How did she fare during Idi Amin Rule


  2. Yam to all of you,
    I recently read the article of Allidina Visram this name i heard at the age of five yrs from my mother, my grandfather {mother side my nana} went to Africa in 19th century and he worked at Allidina’s firms his name Saudi Maan Samnani, his son name Gulam Husein samnani he died in 1957-60 his son name Husein Gulam Husein. My mom told me this family living in Tanganika. Africa and last six decade i have no any contact or link of thees family members. I only guise the Husein Gulam Husein are alive! Mowla blessed him,If somebody known this guy please email me. Any error in my English please forgive me and try to understand my massage. Yam. Kindly regards, Mr. Kamruddin Siddi Parmar.
    Email: Mobile #+64 0220123786


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