Nasir Khusraw – The Splendour of Wisdom « Nooru’s Blog

Nasir Khusraw – The Splendour of Wisdom « Nooru's BlogThe area of Badakhshan (Eastern Afghanistan, Southern Tajikistan and Northern Pakistan) is blessed with highest mountain peaks: Lenin Peak, Tirichmir Peak, Pamir Peaks and so on but there is no Mountain high enough to praise Nasir khusraw’s personality, even writers find themselves dumb whilst praising him. Ocean too before his great wisdom shrinks into a single drop; his words are lamp of enlightenment for the heart. It’s hardly possible in such a brief introduction to deal with the facts of Khusraw’s thoughts as he deserves to be discussed, to be loved and to be infused in today’s knowledge society. His poetry is full of wisdom, of reason, of the right word and the right faith.

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One thought

  1. Nasir Khusraw, I adore him for he speaks highly of the Ahlul Bayt.
    This is a small snippet of his praises:

    “The heartspring of Ali’s lover reflects and is full
    with the image of him – so is my heart his spring
    and his knowledge my shield. O lovers, pluck his blossoms
    but save the thorns for his enemies.
    No one of the Community is worthy of greatness
    but his lover, for the Shiite rests immune
    from the wiles of Satan in his citadel.
    He is the Prophet’s kinsman, but no one
    belongs to Ali’s tribe but the lover of Truth.
    A thousand years of praise will not exhaust
    a thousandth of his qualities; I take pride
    in his Four Virtues, his manliness, knowledge
    piety and munificence, and my back is bent
    with gratitude, the burden of Ali.”


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