Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan – Broadening Horizons Youth Convention 2010 (BHYC)

Jo tum ho wo mein bhi hun” – Pluralism

BHYC is back with a bang!

Scorching heat, boring summers… thinking what to do? The Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Pakistan brings the ultimate experience of edutainment: education with entertainment. Yes, Broadening Horizons Youth Convention (BHYC) is back! With new perspectives, new ideas, more fun and more excitement!

BHYC started back in 2005 with a vision to give its participants a broader vision through providing them exposure to diverse world views, learning opportunities and networking exercises. It has been an enriching and nurturing experience for its participants giving them different perspectives on multi-faceted issues and their solutions. It created magic in 2005, 2006, and 2007 and now its here again to take you all on a 4 day roller coaster ride. This annual residential camp is a must attend for all ismaili youth.

This years theme is pluralism – jo tum ho wo mein bhi hun. This is another crucial concern of existing society. The convention is all packed with its traditional goods like Baithak and cultural night, yet has as totally new flavor to it. So do not miss out. See you at the convention.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

One thought

  1. The recent announcement of BHYC ’10 made me recall my memories of 2006 when I was one of the participants of BHYC back in 2006. Attending this convention was once in a lifetime experience. It gave me a new vision to look at the world around me. The 2006 convention theme was knowledge society. The term seemed gibberish to us that time but those six days really made us embrace the concepts of knowledge society. Each activity was woven very brilliantly to facilitate our learning and give us an enriching experience. Along with the experiential learning, we also got to network with a diverse pool of participants, both national and international.

    The traditional “Baithak” gave us a chance to meet with all the Jamati leadership on one platform and have an open discussion with them regarding the office of Imamat and Imam’s vision for his jamat. Another session that is a signature of BHYC is the cultural night where we got to experience different regional cultures, their traditions and customs, their dresses and dances, their dialect and modes of expressions.
    I am very glad to hear that BHYC is making its come back with a very vital theme of diversity and pluralism.
    I am sure 17 July – 20 July will be a fun packed learning experience. I am proud to be associated with BHYC and recommend the Ismaili youth to experience it too

    BHYC Alumni 2006


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