Dissertation Writing Scholarship at Institute of Ismaili Studies

The Institute of Ismaili Studies welcomes application from graduate students in the field of Islamic Studies who are researching an Ismaili topic for its Dissertation Writing Scholarship. This scholarship carries a stipend of £3000 (or local equivalent), and has been established to assist promising graduate research students and doctoral candidates to complete their fieldwork or dissertation.

Further details at the source.

Previous Recipients
2008: Jamel A. Velji (University of California at Santa Barbara): “Apocalyptic Hermeneutics and the Strengthening of Empire: The Case of the Early Fatimids”

2007: Zackery M. Heern (University of Utah): “Laying Foundations for Orthodoxy: Transformation of Shi’ism during the Time of Muhammad Baqir Bihbihani”

2006: Jennifer Pruitt (Harvard University): “A Tale of Two Cities: Locating the Courtly and the Urban in Classical Fatimid Visual Culture (975-1036 CE)”

2005: Hasan Ali Khan (School of Oriental and African Studies): “Shi‘a Connections of the Sufi Heritage of the Indus Valley: With Special Reference to Ismaili Monuments“

2004: Aliaa Ezz El Din El Sandouby (University of California, Los Angeles): “Remembering the Ahl al-Bayt: The Shrines of the Family of the Prophet in Cairo, Damascus and Aleppo”

2003: Orkhan Mir-Kassimov (Sorbonne University): “A Study of ancient Hurufi texts and manuscripts”

2002: Samer Trabousi (Princeton University): “The Tayyibi Isma‘ilis in Medieval Yemen: A Case Study in the Formation of an Islamic Sect” –  David Hollenberg (University of Pennsylvania): “Interpretation after the End of Days: The Isma‘ili spokesman Ja‘far ibn Mansur al Yaman (d. ca. 980 CE) on Prophets and Politics”

2001: Elisabeth Alexandrin (McGill University): “The Sphere of Walayah: Isma‘ili Ta’wil in Practice according to al-Mu’ayyad (d. 1078 CE)”


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