Chachi’s Kitchen: Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala

Chachi's Kitchen: Aga Khan Primary School, KampalaI went to Aga Khan Primary School in Kampala. My memories consist mainly of my first and last class. In the first form, my teacher was Mrs Barrato – I remember sitting on the mat humming, thinking no one would know it was me making the noise!

In my final form at this school my classmates included Naznin Virani, Meboob Jamani, Nazma Dhanani, Minaz Abji, the twins Salma and Shamshad Hajiani, Shafique Bhatia and Merunnissa ? to name a few. Teachers included my form teacher Penny Jiwani, Mrs Mascaranas and Mr Ramji the RE teacher. We had sewing classes in that room over the canteen, where I was constantly scolded by Mrs Sakar Devji

via Chachi’s Kitchen: Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala.
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4 thoughts

    1. Well, well, Salim Alibhai, weren’t you the naughtiest of us all. I hope you are the right Salim Alibhai. Were you in the same year as Minaz Abji and a very tall guy Amin, Alnashir Kassam Kara, Amin Sumar……?


      1. I’m wrong Salim A.In 1970 i was in form4-even Nazma K doesn’t know me.One day 1 was assigned to book students who came late to school.Nazma K. was i of them.She had unique/innocent looks-I took her name off the list-so she escapes punishment.To this day i remember her looks.Hope Zainul you keep in touch-via comments.-


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