Two Intellectual Giants Speak to Each Other Accross a Millenium on “TIME”

Science and Religion in Islam: The Link.: 2 intellectual giants speak to each other accross a millenium on “time”: can it be slowed, sped up, reversed, transcended? Ask Einstein and Nasir Khusraw

Easy Nash thought it might stimulate our readership to consider modern discoveries about time in the light of what our cosmologists thought about time a thousand years ago and he uses the discoveries of two intellectual giants from a thousand years apart as examples, Albert Einstein and Nasir Khusraw.

It is fitting to quote the following, which describes the proper place of “time” in creation from an Islamic perspective and the need to be cognisant of all types of knowledge with a committment to independent thinking:

“The creation according to Islam is not a unique act in a given time but a perpetual and constant event; and God supports and sustains all existence at every moment by His will and His thought. Outside His will, outside His thought, all is nothing, even the things which seem to us absolutely self-evident such as space and time. Allah alone wishes: the Universe exists; and all manifestations are as a witness of the Divine Will” (Memoirs of Aga Khan III, 1954)

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  1. You imagine that what you can’t understand is either spiritual or does not exist. The conclusion is quite wrong; rather there are obviously a million things in the universe that we would need a million quite different organs to understand … someone blind from birth cannot imagine the beauty of a landscape, the colors of a painting or the shadings of an iris. He will imagine them as something palpable, edible, audible or olfactory. Likewise, if I were to explain to you what I perceive by the senses you do not have, you would interpret it as something that could be heard, seen, touched, smelled or tasted; but it is not like that. ~ Cyrano de Bergerac


  2. Nasir Khusraw on 1)time as it is caused by movement of heavenly bodies in the cosmos and 2)”timeless time”:

    “Time is eternity measured by the movements of the heavens, whose name is day, night, month, year. Eternity is Time not measured, having neither beginning nor end…The cause of Time is the Soul of the World….; it is not in time, for time is in the horizon of the soul as its instrument, as the duration of the living mortal who is “the shadow of the soul”, while eternity is the duration of the living immortal – that is to say of the Intelligence and of the Soul.”


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