Poet Shyrose Rashid

Born in Uganda, Shyrose was forced to leave her native country by Idi Amin. After completing her education in England, she gave up her career and stayed at home as a result of an illness. Inspired by her faith, she took up poetry-writing.

Read more about Shyrose Rashid “Our Hearts Too Are Dancing With Joy

Poem by Shyrose Rashid

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

6 thoughts

  1. Execellent Poem. Praising Imam and his family is Ibadat. You did this ibadat and every body who reads gets the benefit of Ibadat as well.
    Keep up good work.


  2. Shyrose,

    This is so great and truely you are so talented, beautiful peace of work. May you continue to write such poems. Our Best Wishes and prayers are with you.


    Naushad & Shamim


  3. ISLAM

    Why do people fear Islam
    A way that asks us to
    live in peace with each other

    Why do we fear Islam
    A path that encourages us
    to be as brothers and sisters

    Why do we fear Islam
    A road that inspires us
    to help each other especially the needy

    Why do we fear Islam
    An approach to life that respects
    equality justice and compassion

    Why do we fear Islam
    An avenue that leads
    to the welfare of mankind

    Why do we fear Islam
    A practice that favours
    ethical behaviour in society and intellectual development

    Why do we fear Islam
    A means of acquiring
    contentment and enlightenment

    Is it Islam we fear
    or is it ourselves?


  4. And you will find Allah in His Creation

    Allah is the majestic mountain that peers up amongst the Alps
    The dazzling stars in the night sky above
    The captivating white sands and turquoise waters of the deserted island

    He is the orchard that bears the most exquisite fruits
    The resplendent full moon on a clear night
    Allah is as the sublime galaxies that roam the universe

    He is the exploding new star in the cosmos
    As mysterious as the black hole
    As hidden as anti-matter and as apparent as the glorious sun



    In a world of plenty
    why are there shortages

    In a world where love can be abundant
    why is there so much hatred

    In a world where people can work together for common good
    why do we fight each other

    In a world so beautiful
    why do we destroy it so eagerly

    In a world full of trees that provide us with the air that we breathe
    why do we destroy them so rapidly

    In a world that provides us with pure clean water to drink
    why do we run to pollute rivers and lakes

    In a world where we could be good and kind and generous
    why do we choose envy jealousy and miserliness

    Why do we hasten to our destruction?


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