PBS Series – Profile of Al-Azhar Park

Video available here.



e2: Intervention Architecture tracks the five projects that have won the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture, which embrace the ethical and philosophical criteria that the awards represent.

Within one hour, e2 traverses the globe visiting the diverse projects that are as far ranging as a wetlands restoration project in Saudi Arabia, the revitalization of a French Colonial heritage site in Tunisia, all the way to a Bridge School in Xiashi, China, that reconnected a community and became the cultural center of the village.

At the end of our travels we understand that we are all one world, facing the same challenges in a shared future with the belief that the future can be made better.


e2 design season three, narrated by Brad Pitt

Releases September 2, 2008 (online, Sept 1)

Episodes explore: a profile of the Aga Khan’s Al-Azhar Park in Cairo,
Egypt, a 500-year-old dump-turned-“urban lung”…


Some info from ecorazzi.com


One thought

  1. Al-Azhar Park is truly stunning. In a polluted and overcrowded city where it has been said that per capita park space was about the size of a human footprint, this is an amazing gift, and who better to do it than the descendent of Fatimid Caliphs Al-Hakim and Mustansirbillah? The city of Cairo is now beginning to market itself as a Fatimid treasure trove of buildings, mosques and madrassas in order to attract tourists. The Ibn Tulun Mosque is delightful and the mosque of Al-Hakim is frequented by Shia women. But of course, the jewel is the park. Go see it to believe it.


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