After the DARBAR – by Rafiq Sayani

You are my inspiration

You are my aspiration

You are my destiny

You are my satisfaction

You are my ambition

You are my determination

You are my will

You are my articulation

You are my initiation

You are my completion

You are my pinnacle

You are my culmination

You are my submission

You are my elevation

You are my challenge

You are my examination

You are my palpitation

You are my supplication

You are my worship

You are my anticipation


Rafique Sayani was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1976 and moved to London UK in 2005. Rafique is a Chartered Accountant (ACCA) with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He recently developed an interest in poetry, and began to compose poems focused mainly on the relationship between a murid and the Imam of the time. He draws inspiration for the poems from his prayers as well as from many moments of contemplation.

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10 thoughts

  1. Who he is remains an open question
    I asked my slef looking at the others
    Imran, Najmi and the rest of the Unit

    Chartered Acountant and a Business Administrator
    In fact he is a Poet and a Finance Officer
    And dam good Poet and wise man too

    Also a husband to a wife and a Farther to a son
    And a dam good Ismaili and a good company too.


  2. This is more than anything to me. Whenever I am dejected, I read this and inspire myself as my inspiration is none other but my IMAM Himself.


  3. mashallah. keep it up and good luck for your bright future may mowla give you more streingth and bless you with health wealth and happiness ameen ameen.


  4. Good effort…keep it up.I really impressed the way Mr. Rafeeq tried to make the bridge b/w Imam and murid.May Maula bless you and honour your service.ameen.


  5. Eid is to …..

    Eid is to celebrate
    Eid is to calibrate

    Eid is to meet
    Eid is to greet

    Eid is to share
    Eid is to care

    Eid is to sympathize
    Eid is to empathize

    Eid is to ease
    Eid is to please

    Eid is to motivate
    Eid is to cultivate

    Eid is to supplement
    Eid is to complement

    Eid is to activate
    Eid is to captivate

    Eid is to gratify
    Eid is to satisfy

    Eid is to enthuse
    Eid is to suffuse

    Eid is to grace
    Eid is to brace

    Eid is to thank
    Eid is to bank

    Eid is to yearn
    Eid is to learn

    Rafiq Sayani


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