National I-Star Awards – Calgary, Saturday July 5

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tom Kessinger

Dr. Tom Kessinger will be the Keynote Speaker at the inaugural Canadian Ismaili Students Total Achievement Recognition (I-STAR) Awards Gala to be held on Saturday, July 5 at the Calgary Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Dr. Kessinger has been involved with many non-profit organizations globally for over ten years such as the Peace Corps and the Ford Foundation. He has served as a tenured member of the faculty at the Universities of Virginia and Pennsylvania and was elected as the eleventh President of Haverford College.

Dr. Kessinger has served with Imamat institutions for over 20 years and began his career as the General Manager of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was instrumental in the development of the Historic Cities Program in Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and East and North Africa.

Dr. Kessinger is based in Aiglemont and is currently the General Manager of the Aga Khan Foundation, responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s work worldwide. In addition to his responsibilities as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Dr. Kessinger works very closely with His Highness the Aga Khan on various international projects and frequently travels with him across the world.

All I-STAR participants, their families, and public at large from across Canada are invited to attend this historic Golden Jubilee weekend in Calgary. The festivities will begin on Friday, July 4 at the 2008 Calgary Stampede Parade. In the evening, I-STAR participants will watch Stampede Chuckwagon Races and will be seated in the Stampede Grandstands as VIP guests.  The I-STAR Gala Awards and Banquet will be held at the Calgary Hyatt the evening of Saturday, July 5.

Author: ismailimail

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One thought

  1. What a fantastic opportunity not only for I-STAR participants and families, but for all those in Calgary, to listen to Dr. Kessinger!

    Here is someone who has been a president of a post secondary institution, has worked for years with the Ford Foundation, and many years in countries around the world, who after all that chooses to work for the Aga Khan.

    As Vice-Chair of the AKDN, Dr. Kessinger works directly under the leadership of the Chair, who is the Aga Khan himself! I’m very much looking forward to hearing Dr. Kessinger’s words, and I would highly recommend anyone who still has an opportunity, to go and get their tickets. Calgary is only a hop-skip away from Edmonton, so it might be something for you folks in Edmonton to think about also.

    The National I-STAR event is NOT only for participants and families – but for the entire jamat!!! Don’t miss your chance!

    “Opportunities are like clouds – wait a moment, and their gone”
    – Hazrat Ali


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