Stamps commemorating Ismaili Community in Portugal


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  1. Absolutely wonderful pictures of the Ismaili Jamat Khana and Centre in Lisbon. The Char Bagh concept becomes fully vivid in the top stamp,as it forms the courtyard of this unique centre. Aren’t each of our high profile Jamat Khanas unique in their own ways? And more to come in the next few months as we witness the commencement of the construction of the Toronto Centre and the opening of the Dushambe and Dubai Jamat Khanas. These stamps as well as the ones isssued in Tanzania and Mozambique are a marvelous tribute to Hazar Imam and his beloved Murids, and we are sincerely grateful to Mawlana Hazar Imam for bringing us where we are.

    We are witnessing Allah’s Grace, Mercy and Bounty in Full Glory – it has been there for 1400 years since the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) and the advent of Imamat with Hazrat Ali. Nabuwat and Imamate are Allah’s highest Mercy on Mankind – and may we, as Hazar Imam’s devoted Murids, continue to meet his expectations on this straight course.


  2. I placed an order for the entire package via the web site (English version available). I would say my shopping experience was excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others. The shipping cost to Canada is aound 12 euros, the stamps and the package half that amount. The expected arrival date in Canada is January 23, by regular shipping.

    I wish the Tanzanian and Mozambique postal services offered something similar to purchase the stamps they produced.

    I would hope that the councils around the world negotiate the purchase of these stamps/first day covers for sale to Jamati members around the world.


  3. The package arrived by priority mail this week. The packaging is excellent, and so are the stamps, the first day cover and the brochure (I found the explanatory translation in English very difficult to read. though, due to its very fine print). These and other commemorative objects (of excellence) produced for the Golden Jubilee should find a place in as many Ismailis homes as possible, in my opinion. They will be valued and appreciated decades down the road, as the future Jamats reflect on the life and accomplishments of Mawlana Shah Karim – their 49th Imam.

    Don’t we all wish we had an artificat from the Fatimid History as our keepsake?


  4. Recently I had the pleasure of coming across and dealing with an Ismaili individual living in Toronto by the name of Abdul Mamdani who sells these stamps as well as all the other Golden Jubilee stamps issued by the Tanzanian and Mozambique postal authorities. Mr. Mamdani also has the Aga Khan Award for Architecture series stamps issued by several countries, dating back to the 1980’s.

    We are witnessing history in the making, and indivivuals wishing to pass on this wonderful legacy of Hazar Imam’s magnificent contributions – and him being honoured and recognized in an offcial capacity – should avail themselves of these magnificent stamps. All the members of the family will enjoy these stamps.

    I have been satisfied with the orders I have placed with him.

    I must commend Mr. Mamdani for his interest. I think he is providing a wonderful service and his prices are reasonable.

    Mr Mamdani’s email address is

    Thank you

    Simerg (Abdulmalik Merchant, Ottawa)


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