Shahbaz Rajwani – Rutgers student making a name for himself in U.S.

Via Courier News Online

NAME : Shahbaz Rajwani
AGE : 20
OCCUPATION : A junior economics and finance major at Rutgers University’s Newark campus.
FAMILY : His parents, Shiraz and Shams Rajwani, who reside in India; and his aunt and uncle, Ramzan and Dolly Lakhani, with whom he lives.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS : Rajwani was among the five members of the Rutgers-Newark Federal Reserve Challenge team, coached by professor John Graham of the college’s economics department, that placed second in the New York Federal Reserve District Finals of the seventh annual College Fed Challenge held Nov. 16. The event featured 33 teams from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

ACTIVITIES : Rajwani is head of the job search committee for the Economics and Finance Society and a member of the Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT : “My most memorable and cherished moment was two years ago, when I had gotten my admission at Rutgers,” Shahbaz said. “Back then, I was still in India and coming to America was farfetched: an implausible dream. I was greatly pleased when I got my admission as I recognized that this was my entryway into America: a land of opportunities where only sky is the limit.”

HERO/HEROINE : “It is really difficult to choose one person as my hero or heroine, but, the one who I look up to the most has to be the Aga Khan IV,” he said. “I admire him the most because of his personality and his persona. From him I have learned that one should never settle for anything less than meritocracy, that one should be a pluralist and a leader in whatever one does.”

ADVICE TO OTHERS : “There is a famous quote by the Aga Khan IV which is very close to my heart and motivates me day in and day out,” he said. “The quote goes: “Struggle is the meaning of life. Defeat or victory is in the hands of God. But struggle itself is man’s duty. And should be his joy.’ In a nutshell, my advice to others would be to make an endeavor toward their goals but also enjoy this endeavor without being perturbed about the consequences of their efforts.”

Courier News Online

Author: ismailimail

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