Ottawa Siblings: Danyal and Saba Rawjani – students of Classical Music

The Ottawa siblings, Danyal and Saba Rawjani. Both the siblings are under the training for vocal and instrumental training by local ustad of Indian classical music. At present they are learning classical ragaas, like Bhopali, Bherave and other Raags. Also they are learning Harmonium too. Danyal is also playing and learning to produce his own music on key board. While Saba is self tutoring herself to sing devotional, classical, oldies and Qawalis with the music by her brother.

Both the siblings have performed on several occassion in and around the community. Their recent performances includes a performance at World partnership walk in Ottawa in 2006, their own concert named ” Sur and Sangeet” at Ottawa Arts Court theatre and Independence day and Eid Celebration by Pakistan Association of Greater Ottawa.

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 AKFC world partnership walk
performance in June 2006 in Ottawa.

 Danyal, Saba, Irfan in RAANG by AKYSB

 Danyal, Saba in a Concert in May 2006

 Danyal in Sur Sangeet

 Saba in Sur Sangeet

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13 thoughts

  1. I have heard these siblings perform, and they are quite remarkable for their age. Very professional in their presenation. Keep it up, Danyal and Sabba


  2. Awesome Blossom!!! Great Job Saba & Danyal! We are proud of both of you. Saba you are missed in TX, USA. Love u – Zeenat Aunty, Fayaz Uncle, Seher & Hussain Bhai


  3. Fortunately I stopped in Ottawa for one night and a friend of mine brought me to attend the show “Evening of expression” a Golden Jubilee event. They performed a popular number of Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Allah Hoo and they stole my heart. It was an outstanding performance. Bravo to these talented children and their parents.


  4. My wife and I attended a private party in Montreal, Quebec Canada on September 8th 2007. We were told that there are two kids from Ottawa are singing few songs in the event after the dinner. We took it in low notes that what kids will do who are born and raised in North America about the indian music.

    Within 30 minutes my opinion was changed and I found a pair of talented siblings looted the whole crowd by singing, sufitic to devotional to oldies to classical and fast rass. Lal meri pat my all time fav. was awsome.

    Saba I am very impressed with your smooth and heart touching voice and your style of singing and Danyal I found later that you are Saba’s brother and I should say that you have magical fingers. I also found that you play harmonium too. If I am fortunate enough, one day I will listen Ghazals from you guys.

    Keep it up and make your parents proud of you both.

    May Mowla give you long and happy life.



  5. hi saba and danyal i wish u ever success in your life u should be thanx to yur parents who really love you and always wth u and appreciate u i really very impressed wth your family amin bhai laila bhabhi and my loving saba and danyal i m really very happy and always pray for u sweet heart


  6. Mashallah, passion of music at this age. The children of present time in North America are running away from Classical and Indo-Pak musical roots and you are following it. My Salute to you. I am not a singer but a fan of music. May you grow in music with your age. Please let me know if you post any of your music or performance on line.


  7. Great! Danyal, in the “Evening of Expression”, your sister was admiring the audience by her singing and style but I was constantly observing your magical fingers, your passion for playing Sufi Damadam mast qalander was timely and in Rythm, you justified with the Ottawa seniors and you went with the flow of those elders singing. You were amazing in playing with your God gifted control on keyboard. Keep it up and wish you all the best in your future endavours.


  8. I had the pleasure of playing my Tabla in accompaniment to these two talented youngsters in Ottawa (and to think that I live in Mississauga!) on Aug 11th 2007 at the Golden Jubilee Evening of Expression show. . . what can I say . . . I was blown away by the talent this Dynamic Duo displayed! If I were a Talent Promoter, I’d make sure they went on a Worldwide Tour . . . the world needs to see and listen to this Dynamic Duo performing!

    Much credit obviously also goes to their parents Amin and Laila, who are no doubt the encouraging and nurturing force behind these two talented youngsters . . . Well Done, all of you, and I’d be homoured to play Tabla with you both again . . . any time!


  9. You guys are amazing people. I was at the program were they did the qawwali were rizwan and muazzam were there and you guys just rocked, you are so lucky you are the best saba and danyal. beautiful…


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