Ali Velshi: University of Central Asia (@ucentralasia) is a Ticket Up

The University of Central Asia’s campus seems to have everything that you would think it needs, and everything is state of the art, said Ali Velshi, TV Journalist at MSNBC during a visit to UCA in Khorog (Tajikistan).

In 2018, Ali Velshi (Host, MSNBC “Velshi”) was offered a chance to teach economics to a group of students at the University of Central Asia. For this TKN (Time and Knowledge Nazrana) assignment, Velshi developed a curriculum which he delivered over one week to UCA students who did not have prior exposure to Western theories of economics.

“One of the things that caught my attention is how many of these students are not looking for an escape hatch, or they’re not here to get out. And I think that’s fascinating. So many times when you come from an isolated area, a university is your ticket out. They’re not looking for a ticket out. They’re looking for a ticket up.”

Read more about his experience at the source:

Want to study at UCA? Apply to the University’s undergraduate programme by March 15th at 11:59pm (GMT+6):

Time and Knowledge Nazrana (TKN) represents a combination of two cherished Ismaili traditions, namely offering one’s intellectual capacity to assist in the Imamat’s efforts for the progress of the Jamat, and submitting an unconditional gift to the Imam of the time.


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