Did You Know: A Prayer Book from the Aga Khan Museum Collection

Did you know …

… that the Aga Khan Museum’s collection includes an eighteenth century prayer book?

This manuscript dated 1717-8, Safavid Iran is a book of supplications to be recited after the daily prayers and during different days of the week.

DYI-Book of Supplication - Manuscript of Prayers -AKM00527

The pages shown here refer to the Saturday and Sunday prayers as well as to the start of the Monday prayer.

The emblem at the end of the manuscript suggests that it was copied by Ahmad al-Nayrizi, one of the most prolific calligraphers who was active between 1682 and 1739.

He is known to have copied numerous Qur’an manuscripts, prayer books, and calligraphy samples in a characteristic form of Arabic naskh script.



Safavids were a major Shi‘i dynasty which ruled Persia 1501–1732.


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    1. We, too, are looking for the English translation and have not been able to obtain it as of yet. Inshallah, when the museum opens our search can be completed. We encourage you to keep looking and the link provided in the article is a good start.


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