A Thank You Note From Qayl

Qayl - TY - Astronaut
Aspiring Astronaut – Qayl Maherali on his 6th birthday. Photo: Qayl’s Collection © Copyright

Thank you everyone for all your comments on my astronauts’ photo essay.

With all your help, I was able to achieve and surpass my goal of getting over 100 comments from 15 different countries and in 10 languages.  Actually, I ended up getting over 150 comments from 30 different countries and in 21 different languages. I was really excited about it!

I got an A+ in my science class for this project!

I learnt something special from this project – it was how connected everyone is on the Internet. When you need help, people from all over the world reach out and help you. That’s really amazing!

I really, really wanted to appreciate everyone’s help!


Qayl Maherali


1. Photo Essay: A 9 Year Old Ismaili Boy’s First Steps of Becoming an Astronaut

Qayl - TY - Jon McBride
Qayl Maherali with Astronaut Jon McBride holding a signed Space Shuttle. Photo: Qayl’s Collection © Copyright

2. Qayl Maherali does CNN Live Report from NASA Space Shuttles

Qayl - TY - Space Shuttles
Qayl Maherali’s CNN live report on the 5 space shuttles with Atlantis in the background. Photo: Qayl’s Collection © Copyright

3. Astronaut’s visit, kids’ space dreams boost: Qayl Maherali shakes hands with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Qayl - TY - Buzz
Qayl Maherali shakes hands with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at Kennedy Space Center. Photo: Qayl’s Collection © Copyright

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