“Sawm” (Original) By: Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani & Mehak Noorani

After a very successful song, the 5Pillars Trio (Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani, & Mehak Noorani) has released their next song, “Sawm” with an additional group chorus of talented individuals. The third song of the album “Shahada” was the best for its beauty and elegant nature in its musical capabilities, while “Sawm” is a track that is sure to make you think about the significance of fasting in a group song involving the youth of our jamat.

Thankfully, we are all blessed to be fed everyday of our lives, and not to have to worry about finding food for the next day. While others in the world, struggle consistently to support themselves. Fasting is an act of honor, thanksgiving, and a chance to put yourselves in the shoes of others to appreciate the All-Mighty Allah who has given you a blessed life. Please take a moment to enjoy the song, take in its meaning, and spread the word to help advocate the peaceful nature of Islam. Thank you!

Composition and Production: Sarosh Mawani
Vocal Direction: Aly Panjwani and Mehak Noorani
Poem Lyrics: Sarosh Nandwani
Lyrics: Aly Panjwani and Mehak Noorani
Poem Recitation: Neha Husein
Male Vocalists: Nabeel Muscatwalla, Zeeshan Merchant, Shehzer Poonjani, Zaayan Tharwani, Samir Wadhwani
Female Vocalists: Shanzé Noorani, Neha Husein, Aafiya Jamal, Noureen Shallwani
Background and Support Vocalists: Aly Panjwani, Mehak Noorani, Sarosh Mawani, Kanwal Aziz
Mixing/Mastering: Sarosh Mawani, Aly Panjwani, Mehak Noorani


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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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