Internationally Recognized Neurosurgeon Dr. Amin Kassam

Dr Amin Kassam

After making his way from Idi Amin’s Uganda to Pitt and UPMC, Dr. Amin Kassam now seeks a better route for brain surgery

Amin Kassam lost his mother in a fire when he was still too young to remember her.  Later as a 5-year-old, his family was forced to flee their native Uganda to escape the repressive regime of Idi Amin. But the real tragedy that would alter the course of his life occurred when Kassam was 11.

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Author: ismailimail

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12 thoughts

  1. Our Mubarakis and Congratulations! Dr.Kassam to you and your loving family ‘Masha’Allah” what a Good News for our community.
    We wish you all the very best in all your endeavours.


  2. Excellent article! I was very moved to read:

    “Kassam understands patients’ need for spiritual comfort. Meditation remains an important part of his life and he believes God’s hand touches everything he does.”

    Meditation is the Ismaili way. Faith infuses life. In Dr. Amin Kassam, we truly have breakthrough medicine and inspired healing.

    Thank you and shukr! I not only applaud your achievements, but am also immensely grateful to you for sharing your insight with us.


  3. A gem. If you are unfortunate enough to have a brain tumor as was I, find him!! A rare species he is. I love you and what you did for me. I was blessed and honored to call you My Doctor” while you were at UPMC!


  4. He is one of the best doctors i have ever met, In Person and as a Doctor. we came all the way from holland for a big Tumor, And he and his crew removed it succesfully, I owe this guy everything i have.


  5. My husband was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a meningioma in 2008. I did my research and after much perseverance I located Dr. Kasam and his state of the art techniques for removing brain tumors. We flew to Pittsburgh from New Orleans and called that new town home for a month. Dr. Kasam and his team were amazingly personable and kept us informed every single step of the way. This weekend my husband and I will celebrate two years free from the brain tumor. We are forever indebted to UPMC, Dr. Kasam, Dr. Gardner, the nurses and entire staff for their warmth and love.


  6. May Allah shower his blessings upon you, Amin, and accepts all your saava. amen. Apart for the fact he he is my nephew, he is one of a soul. very very spiritual, understanding, most loving and caring human being i have come across and known in 60 years of my life.
    You are truly an amazing soul, and our most warmest congradulations to you.
    shamim aunty.


  7. i worked with him during my fellowship in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, A hardworking and an honest Neurosurgeon. May God bless him and his family.


  8. A great and admired doctor who saved my life. I will be forever indebted to his kindness, professionalism, and extraordinary neurosurgical skills. Peter de Montigny, Ottawa Canada


  9. dr. amin kassam is one of the finest neurosurgeons to ever be born! i had very, very rare cyclical cushing’s disease. i was operated on once, but, was not cured. i was still very sick. you don’t let just anybody operate on your pituitary gland. i found dr. amin kassam. he moved to california. i followed him there. he operated on me. he is a master of neurosurgery! robert e. dean, jr.


  10. Dr. Kassam saved my life at UPMC in 1998 when I had a massive stroke and emergent decompression surgery. He is a great doctor that should be contacted by anyone wanting the best of the best in neurosurgery.


  11. On October 9/2012 in Ottawa Ontario Canada, I was the victim of a hit and run while out on my bicycle on a sunny day. The drunk driver was 4 times over the legal limit. Dr. Kassam and his team saved my life! A craniotomy was performed to evacuate massive blood clots and edema. I followed up with him during rehab and am forever grateful to have had such an amazing, compassionate neurosurgeon! I was contacted i believe in 2013 by Dr.Labib that Dr. Kassam had gone to the states to work again. I have been unable to locate him and was wondering which hospital he works at now. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou


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