Day in the life of Karima Ramji | University of Victoria

A day in the life of Karima Ramji involves helping UVic students find jobs outside Canada. As international coordinator with the Co-operative Education Program and Career Services, she spends her days helping students realize their dreams of working internationally.

“Students should feel comfortable coming to see me regarding any aspect of international work, be it through co-op or as part of their career plans,” says Karima, who has a warm smile and a welcoming, maternal glow. She knows that finding a job internationally is hard work, but she relishes the impact it has on students’ lives. “It is so gratifying to see the profound impact an international experience has on a student, both from a personal and professional development perspective,” she says.

Originally from Uganda, Karima was raised in a small town on the west coast of Kenya before coming to Canada to complete her education. She received a BSc from SFU and a master’s of health administration from UBC. Before starting her current job in 2008, she worked for several years as a co-operative education coordinator for the UVic Business Co-op and Career Centre.

via The Ring: March 2009 – Day in the life.

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