Treatment conditions of Health Resort in Gorno-Badakhshan improve under the support of AKF and local authorities

22 September 2008 / Asia-PLUS Daily Blitz


DUSHANBE, September 22, 2008, Asia-Plus – Pamir Media – Living and treatment conditions at the health resort Garmchashma in GBAO’s Ishkashim district have improved, the GBAO health directorate head Shodi Jamshedov said in an interview with the Khorog news agency Pamir Media. According to him, the GABO regional budget has allocated 40,000 somoni to make repairs to the establishment buildings and pools. Under support of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and local authorities, the health resort has been provided with up-to-date equipment and physiotherapy room and drugstore have been opened at it. The Pamir Energy Company (PamirEnergy), the enterprise Yamchun and he GBAO tax inspectorate have also made contributions to improvement of the health resort. Hot mineral water spring Garmchashma (hot spring) is located 2,325 meters above sea level. The age of the spring is over few thousands years.

The mineral water rises on the surface from great depths in the form of gushing forth small and large jets of 10 cm to 1.5 m. The sediments of such balls and limestone form a travertine mound ending with a number of natural bowls – pools of various sizes with a water mirrors ranging from 0.5 to 20 sq. m half a meter depth. They are filled with hot water of turquoise color containing iron, aluminum, magnesium, strontium, fluorine and other elements. The water is also rich in hydrogen sulfide, silicon acid and carbonic acid. A favorable climate in combination with balneotherapy yields good results in curing some diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system, as well as skin diseases.

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