FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance – News Update August-September 2007 – Tajikistan


Enhancing working partnerships with the Government of Tajikistan


Building civic capacity in disaster risk reduction through training and workshops in Tajikistan

Several collaborative initiatives under FOCUS’ disaster risk reduction programme in Tajikistan have commenced with the Tajik government. These include:

* A trainer training workshop held by FOCUS and the Tajik Ministry of Education at the Institute of Professional Development in Dushanbe:
The workshops aimed to prepare Trainers to conduct basic disaster awareness training in schools across Tajikistan and to ensure the continued inclusion of earthquake safety initiatives in school curricula. This training initiative, funded primarily by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), seeks to build on the region’s Central Asia Region Earthquake Safety Initiative (CARESI) projects by improving the ability of schoolchildren to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

* Training the Government’s Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) at the CoES Training Centre:
FOCUS will be tutoring CoES staff to train government administrators and will provide educational materials including books, presentations and CDs.

* Providing capacity building opportunities to the Tajik Governments’ Geology Department:
Under FOCUS’ European Commission Disaster Preparedness 2007 – 2008 award, the geology department of the Tajik government (Tajik Geology) and FOCUS will provide mutual capacity building opportunities. FOCUS will share skills and knowledge related to geographic information systems and other tools to support the government’s disaster risk reduction activities and Tajik Geology will provide support to FOCUS in physical geological assessments and other services across Tajikistan. As part of this strategic partnership, specialists from the two organisations collaborated in a joint 10-day area vulnerability assessment of Khorog City.

For further information, please contact your nearest FOCUS office whose details can be found under Contact. FOCUS. Source.

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