World Council were satisfied with facilities and standards in Aga Khan Hospital


‘World Council were satisfied with facilities and standards in Aga Khan Hospital

Coastweek – – The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa was the “Official hospital” to the 35th World Cross Country held in Mombasa and, as it turned out, they were fully utilised, writes Patricia Hughes Scott.

“Enquiries started about two years ago” says `Eva Kariuki – Otieno, the Aga Khan’s Marketing and Customer Service Manager.

“We had people from the World Doping Council in Mombasa looking to see if there was a hospital which met their various criteria.

“One important need was the anti-dope testing facilities which were a big concern to them.

“From all the hospitals in Mombasa it transpired our laboratory was the only one which met their standards.

“We have very advanced lab facilities in terms of machinery and expertise, and we are part of a network connected with Nairobi and Karachi, India, so we have a strong back up as well”.

The people from the World Council were satisfied with the facilities and standards in the Aga Khan and they were officially appointed in three separate categories:

• anti doping testing
• hospital of choice for in and outpatient treatment
• in the event of any disaster the nearest hospital for treating emergencies.

One strong factor in the Aga Khan’s favour was that the E.R. is completely separate from Casualty, unlike the other hospitals, which facilitates dealing with any disaster or emergency.

As well, beds had been kept in every department to cover any and every need which might arise.

The resident surgeon at Aga Khan, Mr. Saleem Noorani, was the person in charge of the disaster preparations and was part of the local medical organising committee for the race.

The hospital employs six consultants on staff (not just on call) which again, helped secure being assigned to be in charge of the medical facilities,

Pre Event Preparations: Two days before the event the hospital held a drill on disaster control involving every member of the staff, and key doctors who would be on call on the day.

The Anti Doping work started a week before when Aga Khan staff were stationed at three hotels – Mombasa Beach, Travellers and African Safari Club, working long hours carrying all the necessary tests.

A total of 12 staff had to be trained for this and now hold world recognised accreditation.

The Aga Khan’s resident pathologist. Dr. Shemina Jivaji was in charge of the clinical aspects of the laboratory and she was very involved being part of the Local medical organising committee.

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