Aga Khan Trust for Culture is to add a third museum, located within Al-Azhar park

[11/15/2006 – 07:00]

Museum to tell the history of Cairo

The capital city of Egypt is going to have a new museum. It will retrieve the different historical periods of Cairo throughout the centuries. The museum will be located in the middle of a park, and will feature archaeological pieces collected in town.

Randa Achmawi*

Cairo – Egypt is going to have a new museum. The Arab country is building, in Al-Azhar Park, in Cairo, a museum that will retrieve the history and religion of the capital city of the Arab country. It will be named First Museum of the City, and will convey a notion of the evolution of the city. The museum will be in an area of 4,000 square metres, and will have two floors, on which 1,000 pieces from different historical periods, especially the Islamic one, will be exhibited.

“Most pieces are from the Islamic era, but there will also be pieces from the Pharaonic and Coptic eras,” said Seif Al-Rachidi, the Agha Khan Organization for Culture coordinator for the Museum. The project is conducted by the Agha Khan Organization for Culture and by the Supreme Council of Antiques.

The committee in charge of the project is still searching the country for objects to be exhibited in the museum. Some of them will come from other museums. The Pharaonic pieces will come mostly from archaeological excavations in the Matarya region, in the outskirts of Cairo. Objects coming from excavations at the Citadel, a historical area in the Egyptian capital, will be exhibited in the museum as well.

According to Abdel-Khaleq Mokhtar, general director for monuments in southern Cairo, the founding of the museum serves the purpose of showing the urban and cultural development of Cairo throughout the centuries. The museum will provide visitors with informative, educational and ludic data on the city. “With the creation of this museum, visitors will get acquainted with the history and circumstances under which the Great Wall of Cairo was built, during the Ayub era,” claimed Mokhtar.

The museum should attract both foreign tourists and Cairo citizens. It will be suitable for various age groups, and will feature new technologies to attract tourists. According to Seif Al-Rachidi, the museum will use audiovisual resources, for instance. Al-Rachidi said that the history of the city of Cairo, documented in maps and including multi-language explanations in several languages with texts by historians and travellers from different ages, is going to be projected onto huge screens along the Ayub Wall, located in the park.

The museum is being built in the northern section of the Al-Azhar garden, near the Ayub Wall. The Al-Azhar Park, which provides a beautiful view over the city, will play an important role in the museum thematic.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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