Nasir Khusraw’s Qasida: Dur Ze Daryayi Haqiqat – Muskan Jiwa (With Music, Lyrics & Translations)

Dur Ze Daryayi Haqiqat (The pearl of the ocean of the truth)

Muskan Jiwa (11) sings Dur Ze Daryayi Haqiqat, a qasida written by Nasir Khusraw. presents this with accompanying music and lyrics with English translations.

“A qasida is a poetical expression which was part of the historical tradition of the Ismailis of Central Asia and Persia and is now being shared by Ismailis around the world. This is a marvellous qasida which in seven verses conveys all the essential concepts of an esoteric tradition – the importance of personal search for spiritual enlightenment, the need to transcend the duality of soul and body, obedience to the command of the Spiritual Guide and the significance of pleasure and pain in that context, accessing the inner reservoirs of peace and happiness as opposed to external ones, the importance of engaging in the constant battle to overcome our lower selves (nafs) and the power of self-sacrifice and renunciation to uplift and transform societies.” Karim Maherali

Nasir Khusraw was an 11th Century Fatimid Period Persian poet, philosopher, Ismaili scholar, traveler and one of the greatest writers in Persian literature. He was multilingual and well versed in the branches of the natural sciences, medicine, mathematics, astronomy and Greek philosophy. The Safarnama, an account of his travels, is his most famous work and remains required reading in Iran even today.

Muskan is “Rising Star”. Her passions include music, piano, singing, poetry, and art. She is also academically talented and gifted, and was the champion of the Spelling Bee of Canada in 2019 at the age of 10 years. Muskan is a math champion at both regional and national level. Now this would even impress Nasir Khusraw!

Let’s take a poetic “dive” into the ocean to discover the “pearl”.


Video Source: (YouTube)