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  1. This is just to reiterate. When you use above form box to make a contact, please provide a working email address for us to reply you back. We will not be able to get back to you if you misspell your email address. Please check carefully.

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  2. My Syed Muzamil Shah is reaching soon to Albarta Edmotoin CANADA. He is a young man got admission for his PhD in Mathematics, who is interested to establish contact with Ismaili brothers and sisters in Edmonton Cananda. If any Ismaili brother and sister, who are interested to join him for his career building and support there, kindly contact us through e.mail at or

    We would be grateful to you for your kind support and encouragement. We are also interested to know contact number of Jamati Institution in Albarta, so they could be contacted for any support, guidence.
    With best regards and YAM

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    1. Hello, I just learned about this website and read your comment. I live in Edmonton. The telephone number for the Ismaili council for Edmonton is 780-461-2000. The University of Alberta has an Ismaili Alumni Chapter as well. There are 3 Jamat Khanas in Edmonton located in the north, south and west of Edmonton. I hope Syed Muzami Shah has already received help, if not, I hope this information will be useful.

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  3. YAM Shehnaaz, Thank you for sharing the information. Yes Syed Muzamil Shah is already in Edmonton and busy with his study. He once been to one Jamatkhana, I don,t know which one. He is going to USA for two week and will be back here by the end of November, 2011. I will communicate council contact number with him for further assistance, if any in Edmontion. Thank you once again for your concerns.

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  4. I am in Bologna,Pakistan.Basically from Pakistan.Can Someone tell me is there any jamat khana in italy? or any region for prayer?


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