Professor El-Nasir Lalani named as endowed chair in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine

Professor El-Nasir Lalani, receiving the Khatija and Mohan Manji Dhrolia Endowed Chair in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine from Vice Provost and Dean, Professor Anjum Halai, Image source:

This new chair will support cutting-edge research in a field that is one of the most exciting in health sciences, and that has been identified as a priority by the Chancellor, His Highness the Aga Khan. Still a young discipline, stem cell science and regenerative medicine is poised to lead to revolutionary new ways of diagnosing and treating everything from heart disease to cancer. At AKU, Professor El-Nasir Lalani has carried the leadership of this programme through the start-up phase to the recruitment of a team to early results from this cutting-edge science.

Professor Lalani is a strong proponent for promoting groundbreaking research in stem cell and regenerative medicine in low middle income countries, arguing that it would be unethical if equal access to new therapies were not made possible from the outset in these countries. As the inaugural holder of this chair, Professor Lalani will forever hold a unique place in the history of AKU.

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Author: Sujjawal Ahmad

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