Poem by Sana Gaglani #Coronavirus kay Naam (کورونا وائرس پر ایک پیغام)

Is it really troubled times? Is this really a punishment of God?

It doesn’t even worth a drop, but has brought a revolution in this world

The world was crazy in its own pride

It was pretending to have golden wings

Time was running without any course

People were in a rat race for this material world

The one who has stopped the wheels of time

 Just imagine what a terrific artist he is

Those who were imagining themselves to be God, and were lost in their power

This time has taught them their worth

Whatever race, religion, cast or creed we belong to

There is just one ultimate truth beyond all this

Come out of the illusion of your power and beauty

Whatever path we pass through, our destiny is the same death

Shed off the skin of your ego and bow in front of the God

Who is all giving and all bestowing. ~ Sana Gaglani


I started my YouTube journey after taking part in Jubilee Arts from Dubai during Diamond Jubilee year. It was an honour to stand 2nd in the Creative Arts category the first time and when the idea was replicated within Dubai in 2019 I came first in the same creative arts category.  My love for poetry is something I guess I was born with, and it just grew from there. In 2011 I was selected for IWTP and my quest and odyssey of within started which I believe has opened new horizons for me and has given depth to my expression.

Sana is originally from Pakistan, currently residing in Dubai, UAE.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel: Soulful Poetry


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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