Khat Niranjan Service Launched has now launched Pir Sadardin’s “Khat Niranjan” granth on its platform.


The granth is about how this creation came about from this Khat Niranjan – the Highest Unseen – and how we can return to it by Khat Darshan – the Highest Vision.

Khat Niranjan distinguishes itself amongst the hundreds of Ginans and Granths because it is one of the rare works that courageously attempts to explain the beginning of the beginning. Khat Niranjan is a bold and daring composition in the finest tradition of Ismaili intellectual spiritual search and reflection. presentation of “Khat Niranjan” has recitations by Saima Hirani. Line by line lyrics and translations are displayed as the recitations progress.

Special thanks to Karim Maherali for the transliteration and translations of this granth done with great insight and care. Arzina Merali did the audio recording and production for this granth. Arzina also has special skills that make artists feel totally at ease for long and multiple recording sessions. Producing granth recordings requires extraordinary patience from all involved.


Earlier this week, JollyGul team had released a pre-launch article (read here) about “Khat Niranjan”. Today, they have launched the full service with all 260 verses. They will soon release 2 podcast episodes that will talk about and reflect upon this unique granth.

Please start enjoying all the 260 verses of Khat Niranjan by clicking on the link below.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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