The Quedagh Merchant

by I.I.Dewji, Editor, (2019)

Researching Khoja families’ histories from East Africa, I came across a most intriguing item.

Back in the 1960s, Rai Shamshudin Tejpar, a Dar-es-Salaam Khoja Ismaili missionary (preacher) had once intimated to his audience that somewhere in history, a Khoja-owned ship had been captured by a notorious English pirate. Although this Quedagh_Merchant_vesselwas quite probable as it is well-known that Khoja merchants were active in the Indian Ocean littoral trading area from as early as 16th century and were frequently mentioned in Portuguese official documentation of the mid-1500 (See Khoja Shams-ud-din Gillani, a business associate of the Portuguese governors of Goa) – the piracy connection was something I had never heard of.

Then, in March 2017, Shirin Walji, an Ismaili Studies scholar from Edmonton donated her collection of East African materials to Khojawiki and included in there was a clipping from 1936 in a Zanzibari newspaper called in “Samachar” and sure enough, it provided the following titbit:

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2 thoughts

  1. Very interesting and well researched!
    Loved reading about it, and would like to have more on our ancestors’ migration from India to Zanzibar!
    My family came from there too.


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