Pure Khoja Honey: Raw, Unfiltered, Natural


100% Raw Honey

Raw honey has anticancer benefits and is immune boosting. Our honey is not processed. Processing destroys the valuable nutrients. Our honey is delicious.

100% Unfiltered

Unfiltered honey reduces the risk factors for heart disease like cholesterol and blood pressure. It also helps with healing wounds and treating coughs. Our honey is juicy.

100% Natural

Natural honey is an excellent source of antioxidants because the bees naturally pack our honey with critical nutrients that you won’t find in the processed and filtered honey on the shelf. Our honey is sweet.

SavrigulI’m Savrigul Gulomalieva, founder of Pure Khoja. After immigrating to the United States from Tajikistan, I was also captivated and awe struck by the natural beauty of America. I am passionate about preserving the flora and fauna of the environments in which we live however, I just didn’t know where to begin. After much research, I was inspired by His Highness Prince Hussein Aga Khan’s “ Fragile Beauty” exhibition which took place in Nairobi, Kenya on the 19th of February 2019. While the exhibition focused on the preservation of marine ecosystems as a medium for building the economy in Kenya this sparked an idea for me to do something right here in Iowa, the Heartland of America. Iowa is my home and its a place that is very dear to me. So the journey began. Today, I have a product that is 100% Pure Iowa and it’s the foundation of my brand – Pure Khoja. Pure Khoja Honey comes from two of Iowa’s endangered natural assets, the beloved Honey Bee and the grass & flowers of Iowa’s prairie. There was a time when the flora and fauna of the great prairie landscape stretched from Canada to Texas and extended in depth from Nebraska to Indiana. Today we have only 2% of that prairie left. With that we saw a decline in our bees, butterflies and other pollinators since they depend on the natural nectar of the prairie flowers and grass for survival. As there are various groups and institutions working tirelessly to expand the prairie landscape, I wanted to bring the sweet essence of the prairie right to your home.


I offer you Pure Khoja Honey, raw, unfiltered, natural pure sweet honey from the bees which roam the Prairie Flowers and grass of Iowa. This is my first step towards many steps to enable nature to gain strength, develop my capacity to building economy and to bring to you sweet, natural delicious, juicy honey from the heartland of America.” – Savrigul Gulomalieva


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

4 thoughts

  1. YAM / Salam – Dr. P. Jaffer Ali Khan. Thank you for your inquiry and we appreciate your question. Since the our Honey is primarily sold in the United Staes, we are using the Imperial system. The honey is sold in 4 Jars. The cost for the 4 Jars of Pure Honey is $36 at the moment ($9 per bottle). Each Jar has 18oz of Honey, so you are getting a total of 72oz of 100% Pure, Unfiltered, Raw, Sweet, Juicy, Natural Honey. We hope that you will place an order for our Honey which comes from the bees that roam around the endangered Prairie Flowers of America. The bees roam around flowers such as the Prairie Blazing Star, Prairie Mimosa, Common Milkweed, Pale Purple Cone Flower and the Stiff Goldenrod to name a few. I am glad that you made an inquiry as this shows that there is a sincere and genuine interest in the community to make our Quality of Life better thru healthy choices and leaving an environment better than we found it. There is a third party group that is actively planting Prairie Flowers so our bees can expand their reach. In order to produce 1 pound of Honey the bees need to visit approximately 2 million flowers. One of our bee colonies produces right at about 90 pounds of honey per year and 1 worker bee produces about 1 1/2 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Honey is a precious commodity that and a valuable asset to our health. Note that there are many honey brands and products out there but be careful because a lot of them are infused with sugars and corn syrup to stretch productivity so the honey is no longer natural. Our Pure Khoja Honey is completely Pure from the Prairie Flowers of Iowa. This Honey is high quality and has a much smoother taste than the conventional clover honey. A great way to protect yourself during the allergy season, get a good night’s sleep or calm the nerves. Pure Khoja Honey found at http://www.purekhoja.com


  2. I am user of pure honey from saskatoon (saskatchewan – prairie province in Canada) by Three Foragers and they say its pure. I hope they are real true. Yours Pure Honey in U.S. $ plus shipping can be v. pricey; but may be will give it a try. Wishing you good luck and prosperity.


    1. Abdulkarim,

      Ya Ali Madaad. Indeed, I agree, the shipping rates established by the the carriers is a bit high from USA to Canada. However, the quality, quantity and price of the honey itself, for absolutely 100% pure, natural, juicy, sweet, unfiltered, raw honey is a great deal. 4 jars for $36 is a good promotional price. If you look elsewhere online, you will not find my standard and type of honey for less than $16 per jar before shipping. My honey equates to $9 per jar. I can not comment on Three Foragers as I do not know their product however, there are ways of differentiating between pure honey and the honey you find commonly which is stretched with other additives. First and foremost my honey is not the common clover honey. My honey comes from the endangered Prairie Flowers. The bees roam around flowers such as the Prairie Blazing Star, Prairie Mimosa, Common Milkweed, Pale Purple Cone Flower and the Stiff Goldenrod to name a few. So you are getting honey that is packed with a cornucopia of natural goodness. I will post an article soon on how to differentiate between 100% pure honey and the stuff you get in the big box stores. Thank you for your good wishes of luck and prosperity – this is very much appreciated. Furthermore, I want to thank you for your inquiry and feedback as I think its healthy and gives me insight into your needs and how I can best accommodate. Thank you for your support. Please visit http://www.purekhoja.com


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