Did you know that the Memons, the Chishti Sufis, and Bohras worship in jamatkhanas?

The term ‘jamatkhana’ literally means ‘a house of assembly or gathering’. It has come to designate a gathering space for community activities and worship among some Muslim communities such as the Musta‘lian and Nizari Ismailis, the Chishti Sufi Order, the Bohra, and the Memon communities. More at The Institute of Ismaili Studies.

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  1. If this is in practice are Ismaili Jamatkhanas getting nonismailis saying their prayers in Ismaili jamatkhanas. In Mumbai I know that non Ismailis have their jk quite close to darKhana in Dongri but to the best of my knowledge it does not happen Bohris have their own masjid and it is not known as jk Bohra and Khoja live close and amicably and have no problems At least that was some years ago whilst I lived there. Aziz Sent from my iPhone



  2. The article was published earlier by The Ismaili, but JK of Memon community was not mentioned therein!! While acknowledging that article, I had pointed out in ‘Reply’ section about missing of Memon JKs in article! The article is now revised mentioning of Memon JKs as well.

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