Alim’s blog: Mbarara Jamat Khana (Mbarara, Uganda)

Mbarara Jamatkhana ArchNetI’ve ventured so far as to find the khane, a gorgeous and imposing building leftover from when more Ismailis lived here pre-1970s. Now, there are only about 30 Ismailis which makes for an intimate affair. Though beautiful, the khane had clearly fallen on hard times and though the inside is clean it could be spruced up with a fresh coat of paint. The people here, like most of Uganda, are brilliant and lovely and they are quick to welcome me into the family. I love that part of belonging to an international community – you always feel like you’re at home.

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    1. It is indeed true that Mbarara had a superb community. I was a young man when Amin chased the ugandan asians. I remember that before the expulsion, Mbarara Town was quite clean and business was booming.I have always wanted to know where the following people are; ladha(had a shop for imported cars), Aziz viran(had the best garments shop near the post office), jetha(he used to be a football referee), Azeem(son of karmal). I was born in mbarara and my mother and some of my siblings still live there.


  1. WOW!! My Hometown,I was Born in Mbarara & Lived there until that unfortunate event that expelled us all from the only place we knew as HOME…
    Thankyou for sharing & bringing back Sweet Memories of all who attendant this Beautiful JamatKhana .


  2. hemant dattani
    born rukingiri 1962 lived in mbarara last 3 yrs before being expelled. went to H H Aga Khan School. i was 10 when we had to leave. very happy memories and we lived opposite the market on mbaguta st.


  3. At the Masaka Senior Secondary School I had a friend called Sadru (nick names, Hydrogen or Sadru Mbarara),
    back in the 60s.
    He lived in the AgaKhan hostel run by Mr and Mrs Dosani. We lost touch after school in 1964.
    I’ve managed to track most of my school friends, but no one seems to have any news of him.
    Seeing these Mbarara memories, I wonder if anyone is in contact with him.


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