“The Pure Progeny” and “The Ascension of Intellect” – poems by Al–Mu’ayyad fi’l–Din al–Shirazi

Two Poems by Al–Mu’ayyad fi’l–Din al–Shirazi

The Pure Progeny

Peace be upon the pure progeny,
and welcome to their resplendent lights.

I begin with peace upon Adam from whom
came all mankind, whether nomadic or sedentary.


The Ascension of Intellect

How many observers are there
with eyes that cannot see?

How many seers are there
with hearts that cannot reflect?

For the human eye to see,
there are certain conditions;
he who disregards them
loses his way in the darkness.

The eye is of no avail
if it does not receive light
from the sun or the moon,
or from the burning torch.

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