Worldwide Stamps Collection by Abdul Mamdani

Another post by Abdul Mamdani: Golden Jubilee Stamps issued by Uganda Postal Authorities

A long time avid collector of stamps, a senior member of the community from Toronto Canada, Abdul Mamdani, has shared with us some of his exclusive collection of stamps depicting Ismaili and generally Islamic themes: Imam Shah Sultan Muhammad Shah on Pakistani and UK stamps; all the Aga Khan Award for Architecture stamps issued since 1980; all the Golden Jubilee stamps issued by Tanzania, Portugal and Mozambique; stamps depicting the Fatimid Era in Egypt, the Al-Azhar Mosque and University; Mawlana Imam-Caliph Hakim bi Amrillah Mosque; stamps showing coins and jewellery of the Fatimid period;  mediaeval Ismaili and other Muslim scholars, e.g. Ibn Sina,  Da’i Nasser Khosrov, Ibn Rushd, Nasir ud Din Tusi, etc. etc.

We have permission for you to contact Abdul Mamdani directly if you have further interest:

Ismailimail blog made connection with Abdul Mamdani via a comment left by Abdulmalik Merchant.


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16 thoughts

  1. I had an oppuritinity to purchase some of his stamps. What a pleasure to deal with him. He is a gentleman and fast. The stamps were delivered in 3 days. His prices are reasonable also. It was a pleasure buying stamps from him. Keep up the good work Mr. Mamdani.


    1. I’m interested in buying stamps for my son who has started his collection. Please let me know if you have any
      Navroza ladha


      1. Hello Navroza,
        I just noticed your 3 month old comment on this site. Let me know if you are still interested.I have some Aga Khan Award for Architecture stamps and First Day Covers in stock. Send me a message with your email address and I’ll let you know what I have and what I can get.
        Abdul Mamdani


        1. Hi sorry I didn’t reply earlier … I am looking for something special for my husband he is a stamp collector and also my son. They don’t have any of the Ava khan stamps. Do you know if there is anything coming out for For hazar imam’s 60 yrs ? Looking forward to hearing from you.


          1. Ya Ali Madad Navroza,
            I have a feeling that there will be a few countries who will issue stamps for Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee but we are a few months away from that event so we have to be patient.
            As for any one intending to buy stamps, I cannot discuss such matters on a public site like this.


  2. It is indeed a pleasure to see the posting about the Golden Jubilee stamps from my dear uncle who has provided this important service to the worldwide jamat for many many years.
    It would be nice to see the full collection of stamps issued during this momentous year displayed on this site.


    1. Dear Islamshah,

      I knew some of your family members when I was in

      I sent you an email about a month ago. But I never got
      any response from you.

      I wonder why.


  3. I have bought May collection from him over the years. He is such a wonderful person. The stamps are all in mint condition and packaged very well for shipping.

    Thanks again


  4. I also have a large collection of worldwide stamps. that I willing to give to anyone interested. I will give the duplicates. I have also bought from Mr. Mamdani in the past. Great guy. Please email.


    1. My son collects stamps and he is very much involved in his faith. I feel he would really appreciate it if you could send to him
      It would mean a lot to him
      Also would help him as he is going thru a lot to keep him busy.
      I am going thru divorce and custody.
      I feel it might keep him busy and build his collection. Some good memories


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